Info about the SCENAR Devices

Amazing Pain Relief Device

A SCENAR model for every practice and every home. From entry level to advanced.

SCENAR devices and SCENAR Therapy

A Choice of SCENAR devices

The RITM SCENAR devices are designed for therapist and home user use, both ranges delivery exacting professional quality.

There are many professional devices and two personal use devices to choose from. As a practitioner, you can successfully treat with either a Pro device or the smaller Sport D, the personal devices are ideal for hiring out to patients to assist in their treatment programmes.

There are also a variety of accessories available to assist with specific treatments. Far too many to chose from but we stock and sell the main ones that we find beneficial in our pain relief clinic.

If you are looking to train as a Professional SCENAR Practitioner, or are a home user seeking your own device, we can provide professional and home user training as well as the professional and home devices. Please call us on 01243 514158 if you would like a chat about which is the best device for your needs.

Some UK suppliers are claiming to be the only UK Authourised distributors of SCENAR devices?? We have been buying and selling devices straight from Russia for over 10 years! We honour the 2 year warranty, help with repairs and give free guidance. Something a lot of other suppliers fall down on!

There are a lot of new fancy SCENAR Professional models on the market, some models you are paying a lot extra for a colour screen and pre-set programmes you will probably never use! There have been a lot of warranty issues with these newer models like the SCENAR Pro Prime C, hence why only sell the previous generation of tried and tested models; Pro Plus, LF Master and Super Pro (V1 not V2) as well as the Sport D and Sport D Advanced.

We have been running our professional SCENAR Training courses for over 6 years now and have trained therapists from all over the world, and had to unfortunately re-train therapists that have trained under other training houses.

90% of our trainees purchase and train using the smaller Sport D device. Why? Because ALL the devices use the same technology! The difference between the smaller Sport D (home device) and the pro models is extra settings and pre-programs. Don’t get me wrong, a few of those advanced settings are very powerful but when you are starting out you can achieve the same client results with the Sport D. Once your device is earning you an income, purchase one of the pro devices, it is so beneficial to have more than one device.

Professional SCENAR training

SCENAR Pro Plus, LF Master & Super Pro devices for healthcare professionals

The SCENAR Pro devices are intended for use by healthcare professionals. It features an extensive range of variants, allowing the practitioner full control over the treatment protocol.

The RITM SCENAR  Professional device range is designed for medical and allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage and Sports Therapists.

The SCENAR Professional devices are micro-computers with built-in electrodes that deliver complex electrical signals directly to the skin. The SCENAR impulses waveforms and frequencies that change automatically to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation.

The SCENAR Professional series devices measure the body response of the electrical signal and display the information on an LCD screen. This allows the practitioner to view current readings and choose the most appropriate mode of operation and zone of treatment.

Please take the time to read through our website and understand how we approach our training techniques that are based on over 12 years of pain clinic experience and adaptation. We were trained by the Russians but then developed our own training course/methodology based on advanced techniques we developed over 12 years! These techniques make a lot of the fancy device settings obsolete while accelerating the results. The proof is in our healed clients and the testimonials of those therapists we have trained around the world.

Free extras included with the Professional devices are SCENAR gloves, vinyl gloves, battery, patches and leads to complete your treatment kit. An additional value of £32.00

Scenar Sport D and Sport D Advanced

For Healthcare Professionals and home users

Enhance your health & wellbeing with the SCENAR Sport D, designed for home users to manage your pain and to speed up the recovery process from acute and chronic pain, sport injury and post operative pain. With simple-to-use settings, the LED screen displays energy strength, current settings and skin contact indication which make the device very easy to use and operate, giving you fast results.

As I have already said, the Sport D is very apt for professional therapy use. A great way to reduce your initial costs of training and device purchase, then perhaps adding a Pro device later on?

Free extras included with the Sport D are SCENAR gloves, vinyl gloves, battery, patches and leads to complete your treatment kit. An additional value of £32.00

Some of the ailments that SCENAR can treat: