Usine the electrode gloves with SCENAR treatment
Ultimate scenar training

Ultimate scenar training

Modernised, simplified and accelerated SCENAR Training courses in the UK. If you have trained before this training will accelerate your understanding and capabilities as a therapist.

SCENAR and the Magic Gloves

This treatment method carries the nick name ‘Magic Gloves’ for a very good reason! Magic, because the method is able to solve most of muscle and soft tissue tensions. Therefore after the treatment patients feel “amazing“.

Reason for using this Method is to have the Scenar impulse penetrate deeper into the tissue and you can feel with your hands, using tactile sense, where and how to work on the patient!

General advantages of this method:

We are using the well-known Scenar Impulse and healing power and it encourages the muscles to contract, as if you were squeezing a sponge. Then the tissue can be re-supplied with fresh blood, so that the muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, bands, fascia, and joints have better circulation and can regenerate, fast.

Advantages of this Method for the Therapist

You can feel the tension when you treat a patient. You can directly feel the tensions and treat them directly while actually feeling the change. Thus, problems with muscle chains, meridians, hardenings of the tissues and adhesions can easily be solved. The therapist does not have to work so hard; besides, this method is good for self-treatment.

We use the gloves as a method to save the practitioner. You do 4x sports massages in a day and you know you have done them! Lots of continual pressure, working those muscles. With SCENAR and the gloves you can achieve ‘greater’ results than a sports massage while using a fraction of your energy.

Advantages of this method for the patient

With this method, you can work on deep muscles and soft tissue without causing pain to the patient, as commonly happens with other methods (trigger points, APM, Acupuncture, Sports Massage etc.). The muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons are gently loosened and the blood circulation of the tissue is stimulated over a large zone. The patient will experience less or almost no pain and both the therapist and patient will end up more relaxed.

It is a very pleasant treatment and most patients will love it. Very few patients do not like this treatment, or are afraid of electrical current. In an hour’s session the whole body can be treated with great success


Muscle tension of all kinds – neck stiffness, Frozen shoulder, tennis / golfers elbow, knee problems, ISG deformity, herniated discs, scoliosis, inflammations, jaw tension, joint problems, adhesions, scars (even very deep/Endoscopy), acute injury – compressions, ankle sprain, etc. Actually it is the best SCENAR method of all time and will very quickly lead your treatments because of the effectiveness and speed.

Negative Experiences

New patients after the treatment can possibly experience some muscle soreness or bruising. This usually lasts about 1 or 2 days. Because many toxins from the treated tissue are released by this treatment, detoxification must be encouraged – excretory organs must be stimulated as well.

Accelerate your SCENAR Therapy and come along and learn these amazing SCENAR techniques.

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