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SCENAR Emotional Reactions


Stress is primarily an emotional experience. When we are afraid our bodies react – usually in a fight or flight response. This is a primitive mechanism set in our bodies which is a protection mechanism to keep us alive!

Our muscles hold, tighten, tense up, sometimes around the hips, neck, jaw, so then the emotional experience whether a fall, car accident, fearful experience, argument small or large, death etc,. will sit in our tissues and muscles. Over time through busy lives, more stress being added and not giving time for your body to heal, the layers build up and almost glue together.

Repression of our emotions or pain is another primary factor with emotional healing that can lead to a wounding crisis. When we repress our emotions or do not acknowledge our pain of any sort, it holds more and more within our bodies like in the muscles or internal organs and cause further, deeper issues.

Physical trauma can be the result of accidents, falls, car crashes, or even sports injuries. For instance, when you fall in a skiing accident but continue to roll with your body there is less chance that your body will store the trauma. The energy of impact most likely has been dissipated as you roll. But the result of a head on crash with a stationary tree while skiing could be stored within your body. There is no ground to absorb the impact so the only place the energy can go is into your own body.

A single physical trauma is not the only way. Smaller, repetitive traumas could add up over time. The act of stubbing the same toe on the bedpost every morning could be equivalent to one large kick against a wall. This is just like many small strikes with a small hammer against the wall could be the equivalent of a single blow with a much heavier sledgehammer. The energy of every blow that your body receives over time will lodge within your body.


It is not unusual for a client to have sudden emotional reactions during SCENAR therapy: start crying and not being able to stop, develop irrational fears (or rather remember them), or become “an emotional wreck”. SCENAR affects all levels of your being, and if your client has deeply seeded emotional issues or buried in subconscious painful memories, SCENAR may bring them to the surface so that they can process them and let go.

This release will also provide for a much faster healing of the physical body since so many of ill-health conditions are rooted in your psyche. We welcome these emotional reactions, but we cannot predict them.

SCENAR’s ability to ‘trigger’ these emotional releases is a great asset to healing the body’s aches and pains. Releasing the emotions allows the SCENAR signal to penetrate the body and be effective in healing.

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