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Ultimate scenar training

Modernised, simplified and accelerated SCENAR Training courses in the UK. If you have trained before this training will accelerate your understanding and capabilities as a therapist.

Why our last 2 training courses were such a success!

As SCENAR therapists we learnt the hard way! Both Jen and I trained together, undertaking level 1 & 2 three times with different trainers as well as undertaking numerous master classes in the UK and Europe. Don’t get me wrong, we have no regrets at doing so much training. We undertook this challenge along with working on countless ‘guinea pigs’ over a 5 year period and it was a fun time and enjoyable.

We soon realised after some research that the British public are far too reserved to accept a Russian device that was developed for the space race in the 70’s. Carefully explain the amazing success of the SCENAR device and the public would go… “hmmm, OK, think I will stick with my osteopath or chiropractor, even though these amazing therapies on their own were not having lasting success?

This was extremely frustrating having conquered Google and expecting the world to be knocking at our door. We then started looking at how we could make changes to this thought pattern.

It was these changes that lead to the success of our practice where 95% of all clients are treated with SCENAR. We then used this knowledge/experience for the basis of our training courses. Every other training house over complicates SCENAR! It is too much when a therapist is wishing to add SCENAR to their practice as an extra service.

We decided to make the training VERY CLEAR, easy to follow and understand, and give you the skills and confidence to start using SCENAR in your practice the very next day. Knowing that if you got stuck for any reason we were here to guide. As a newly qualified SCENAR Excel student you will be able to add SCENAR Therapy to your insurance (assuming you already have your A&P) and start using your new skills.

By being able to integrate these skills with confidence from day one your expertise will grow fast. Then once you have developed self confidence with the SCENAR devise and treatments you will be able to undertake one of our more advanced course should you wish to take things further to a more complicated level.

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