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Do not drink tap and bottled water!

Tap water is not the same as natural river water. Bottled water can be as bad, once you get to the fact that bottled water is filled with contaminants that leech from the plastic and are not filtered well enough before being bottled. BPA shouldn’t be our only concern. Tap water is dead- it has been killed by chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and more. Bottled water is stagnant and has often been sitting in plastic for weeks, months, and years before being purchased!

Clean, pure water is a cornerstone of good health. Your body is mostly water, so the ongoing intake of water is essential to your every function. It’s common knowledge that most water sources are now polluted, but there is tremendous confusion about what kind of drinking water is the most health promoting, and what kind of home water treatment produces the best drinking water.

Today, too many people are choosing fizzy drinks instead of pure water as their primary beverage, and the health of an entire culture is at risk.

The number one source of calories comes from high fructose corn syrup primarily in the form of soda/fizzy drinks. In America they drink an average of one gallon of soda each week, and this excessive fructose consumption is a driving force behind obesity and chronic degenerative disease in this the USA. In the UK, we are not far behind I am afraid…

The most practical and economical strategy to combat obesity and chronic disease is to replace all fizzy drinks and other sweet beverages with pure water.

The trouble is, most public water supplies are loaded with hazardous contaminants, such as disinfection by-products (DBPs), fluoride, heavy metals, hormones and pharmaceutical drugs, to name just a few. Nevertheless, you DO need to make water your beverage of choice if you want to be healthy – but it should be purified water and alkaline.

But beyond water filtration, there’s also the issue of pH – alkaline versus acidic water. There are quite a few astonishing health claims being made about alkaline water, but are they true? Most of them are not, but the best are true!

The theory behind alkaline water is, in a nutshell, that alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant with surplus electrons that can “mop up” the dangerous free radicals you have coursing through your veins. What we drink and eat all day long is acid laden in the form of processed foods and sugar full drinks. We need the alkaline water to reduce this from an acid level to a healthy alkaline level.

Optimising Your Body’s PH: Back to Basics

The typical diet is loaded with sugar and processed foods, which throws off your body’s ability to optimise your pH. Although your body has mechanisms to buffer your pH, many of you are likely living in a state of low-grade acidosis from eating too many low-quality processed, devitalised food. Our ancestors had no problems with pH because they ate a pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer diet , rich in plant foods and high-quality meats, and devoid of grains and the nasty stuff the food manufacturing industry adds to our food. Safer to eat organic wherever possible. You can optimise your body’s pH by eating like your ancestors did – a diet rich in raw, organic, whole foods – and this will help your body achieve homeostasis.

What is it about alkaline water that makes it so healthy?

The body is perfectly capable of maintaining its own pH balance provided it receives the proper nutrients. When the body is not getting enough alkaline minerals from food and water, it must rob calcium from its own bones to neutralize acidity. This is not ideal and once the body’s readily available alkaline mineral supplies are depleted, it becomes overly acidic.

It is important to note that water can be either naturally alkaline or artificially alkaline. Why? Naturally alkaline water contains the alkaline minerals the body needs to combat acidity. Artificially alkaline water, such as water with added pH drops or bottled alkaline water, has a pH that is artificially increased and does not have any more alkaline minerals than the original water used. Artificially alkaline water has also been proven to cause side effects, and from a chemical perspective, such a water cannot be found anywhere in nature.

Artificially alkaline water (drops added or bottled) is completely neutralized in the stomach and offers the body no additional alkaline minerals to combat acidity. Only naturally alkaline water has the minerals the body needs to combat acidity and build its acid buffering reserves.

Alkaline water should be the first thing on your healthy to do list

There are many health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water. So many, in fact, that if you are experiencing any health issues, alkaline water should be the first thing on your list to try. Without drinking an adequate amount of alkaline water daily, as nature intended, anything else you are doing to improve your health may be limited in its success.

Drinking tap water is a problem; it is full of heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, flouride, chlorine and many more nasty elements. This means that our ‘intelligent’ human body detects these unwanted elements and trys to discard the water rather then absorb it. This means that rehydration is not effective! Drink clean filtered Alkaline water and the body craves it to maximum absortion levels. This is the fasted wat to combat hydration. De-hydration is a massive cause of pain and issues within the body.

Before having a SCENAR treatment a client must be drinking 2 litres of pure filtered water in the days leading up to the treatment as a worst case scenario, in an ideal scenario they should be doing this every day. If you go for a bottled water chose something like Evian.

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